Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Another Great review from Nationwide Van Lines:

The men were just GREAT ! They were maticulous about their packing ! and worked diligently and quickly.They were professional represented the company VERY WELL and were friendly and pleasent. We are very pleased with the your service this is far and would like to have the same two men deliver in Florida if possible.
Another Great Review From A happy customer of
Nationwide Van Lines!

Nationwide Van Lines has been a VERY positive experience for us from pick up through delivery.Indrek,Alex,and Sergio were very pleasent and very hard workers.Nantionwide would be highly recommended by us. !

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Nationwide Van Lines Knows That Moving Can Be The Most Stressful Time! Choosing The Right Movers As Well As Being Prepared Could Help Your Transition Go More Smoothly.

Nationwide Van Lines Can Alleviate The Stress And Help Our Potential Customers Have An Easier Move With Our 20 Tips For An Easier Move.

1. DON'T WAIT!!! Start Packing 3 To 4 Weeks Before Your Movers Arrive.

2. "FALL CLEANING" - Perfect Opportunity To Get Organized. Have A Garage Sale Or Donate To Charity Your Outdated Or Unused Items.

3. Purchase Extra Packing Supplies Than You Need. It's Better To Have More Than Needing More.

4. Packing Paper Is Better Than Newspaper. Newspaper May Leave Ink Stains On Your Dishes.

5. Pack The Items That You Least Use; Example Books, Seasonal Clothing, Sports Equipment And Knickknacks. Pack Your Books Flat And Stack Them Evenly.

6. Use Strong Cardboard Boxes - Small Boxes For Heavier Items And Larger Boxes For Lighter Items. DON'T OVER PACK YOUR BOXES.

7. Moving to the South? Heat Is Critical - Bag Items That May Soften In The Heat, Such As Candles, Bars Of Soap, Etc.

8. Focus On One Room At A Time; This Will Help You Be Efficient. Once Completed Stack Boxes Against The Walls.

9. TIME SAVER!! Label All Your Boxes; Indicating The Contents Of Each Box And Which Room It Belongs.

10. Urgent Items Such As Medications, Valuables, Alarm Clocks, Important Documents (Birth Certificates, Passports Or Wills) Should Be Packed In A Separate Marked Box Or Bag And Taken With You.

11. Dressers Must Be Completely Emptied To Avoid Damages Or Breakage Of Your Furniture.

12. Have Bolts And Nuts In A Clearly Labeled Plastic Bag.

13. BEWARE, Of Hidden Charges From Unscrupulous Movers. Always Provide Movers With Your Exact List Of Items Before Receiving A Quote. Get A Binding Quote!

14. Quilted Pads To Secure The Large Items And Furniture Should Be Provided Free Of Charge.

15. IMPORTANT SAFETY REGULATION- Most Movers Won't Reassemble Baby Cribs. Please Make Sure You Have A Knowledgeable Person To Assist You In Doing So.

16. A Complete Inventory List Of All Your Items Should Be Kept Along With The Serial Numbers Of All Your Electrical Equipments.

17. Wrap Dishware And Glasses Separate From One Another. Flatware Should Be Bundled And Wrapped In Groups Of Three.

18. Dispose Of Any Flammables From Any Machinery, Like Aerosol Cans, Paints, Gasoline Or Oils.

19. Know That Your Mover Is Working Hard In The Summer Heat - Have Chilled Water Or Soda Available So They Don't Dehydrate.

20. If You Are Delighted With The Outcome Of Your Move Don't Forget To share the experience with your friends and family.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Summer is here and space is limited. Call Nationwide Van Lines for any relocation needs you may have! Call for a free moving quote!