Thursday, December 16, 2010

Eliminate Stress While Moving With Children

The experience of moving in itself is already a stressful ordeal. But add to that moving with children, then you have a living nightmare right in front of you. Children when they are already attached and familiar to their surroundings find it difficult to let go. They have their normal playgrounds and pals who they already keep a close bond with. So for parents, moving with children normally is a more stressful and nerve-racking episode. So if you are a parent and are moving with children to a new place, maybe these pointers may help eliminate stress on your part.

Prepare them mentally about leaving the old house and apartment

For children, it is a sad experience to leave a house, particularly one where they grew up in. You need to prepare them mentally about the move by talking to them about how great the new house will be and how they will get to meet new friends in the new place you are heading to. It is also advantageous to take pictures of the old house along with the kids so they can have memories of their old residence. Remember, unless they are mentally prepared, children tend to whine and nag all throughout the moving process. So preparing them mentally in a way also eliminates stress on your part.

Talking is very importand, have a talk with your children about the move. Show them where you are moving to, share to pro's and con's about the new enviroment.

To eliminate stress for you as a parent about moving, you should talk to your children about the move. When it comes to moving to another place with children, do not surprise them out of the blue. As much as possible, tell your children all the basic details about the move. Let them know several weeks before the move that the entire family is moving to another place. By having that talk with kids, you already get to eliminate stress.

Packing process and how to deal with children

An important part of the moving process is the packing of the household materials that you will bring with you to the new house or apartment. If you have not prepared your children for the moving and you are in the packing phase, then expect a lot of trouble. Once you get to start packing, inform your kids beforehand what their responsibilities are. To lessen their anxiety about the move and eliminate stress on your part, have them set aside thethings that can be carried in a bag like their toys and security blanket. In this way, the children can still have access to these things they are really attached to when you are on your way to the new house or apartment. This gives them a sense of security during the moving process.

Celebrate Your Arrival in Your New House or Apartment

Once you have arrived in your new house or apartment, celebrate with your children. The celebration itself eliminates stress. You can celebrate simply by buying a cake from the local bakery or by ordering pizza.

Moving with children is never as easy as moving to a new house on your own. Hopefully these guidelines can help you eliminate stress when you move to a new home.

Everybody knows that moving with children to a new home may be a stressful ordeal. You may want to read these guidelines on how to eliminate stressduring the moving process with children.

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