Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Retirement Abroad

When you think retirement, you may dream about laying on the East Coast sand recollecting the once frowns that the sunrise easily out shines. Maybe the smell of morning dew and the call of nature is a more of a serene sound for you. No matter what ices your lemonade, you want to exhale nothing but "Ahhhhhhhhhs". Today's retiree is not just thinking about the same path of retirement communities and lavish nursing homes, going abroad seems to be the new fancy.

If you're looking for the perfect climate and a better use of your finances, Ecuador may be the place for you. Even if you're not fluent in Spanish, the friendly locals will assure you are more than welcome. Lying directly on the equator, fun in the sun can carry on for 12 straight hours any day of the year. You can choose from an array of climatic locations such as the Sierra mountains, the Pacific coast plains, the eastern rainforests and my favorite, the Galapagos Islands. With climates varying from Spring-like down to 50 degrees Fahrenheit, Ecuador offers the perfect climate just for you.  With rent averaging $450 per month and oceanfront property as low as $10,000, no wonder why Ecuador is the talk of the world.

Panama holds second for the most retired to location abroad, but not because of their beaches. Retiring to Panama comes with more spiffs to make your retirement a money saver. Known as the Pensionado Visa, Panama offers discounts for medical services, air fare, entertainment, electricity, phone bills and even restaurants. Though Panama is still developing everyday, they offer the fastest internet and road system in all Central America. Sunshine is almost everyday, making the tropical beaches more enjoyable. With rent for a two-bedroom apartment ranging $700 - $1,500, retiring in Panama is more than possible.

Coming in third is our southern neighbor, Mexico. If you've ever taken a trip across the border, you may have noticed Mexico's extremely low prices for virtually everything. You can easily see cost slashed in half for restaurants, produce and even water. Rent can be as low as $300 per month for a one-bedroom apartment in great areas. Rainfall is a usual event from May to October, so you can enjoy the sun for most of  the year. Offering from Tropic to Desert climates, Mexico can always have a warm place in your heart.

There are many places around the world you can call home with a great cost of living and welcoming locals you. It's all about what fits your fancy and less about what fits in your wallet. Extend your boundaries. As a matter of fact, extend your borders. Go abroad.


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